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May 2020

Respond and Protect

This is such an amazing time to get started with a solutions-based wellness kit!   The Respond and Protect kits are available for the month of May.  Getting started with your kit connects you to your wholesale discount for a full year of saving 25% of retail prices.  

Special kits for Special Times

Our Protect Kit is front and center in May 2020

A healthy routine works like body armor, preparing us against the threats that constantly bombard us—and they do, every day. While you don’t always pay attention to your health until something slips through a chink in the armor, staying prepared by living a healthy lifestyle and making proper choices can give your body a consistent boost to stay strong all season. 

Some of the best lifestyle choices you can make to stay prepared come down to one word: clean. From your home to your hands, keeping things clean is a sure-fire way to maintain your armor. The Prepare Collection contains a few of our favorite essential oils that have incredible, naturally sourced cleansing properties. Designed to support the healthy lifestyle choices you make, the Prepare Collection is here to make keeping things clean a little easier and a little more delightful.

Learn more about what this kit contains and why it's so important especially now  by clicking HERE


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Tap into your Resilience Response

Our Respond Kit is King in May 2020

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, seasonal threats slip through our armor. When that happens, it’s time to respond by following proper medical guidelines and procedures. Medical professionals have the proper perspective, guidance, and tools to treat and care for us when things go awry. 

Even so, being unwell is uncomfortable at best. The Respond Collection is a curation of essential oils that can help create a relaxing environment and provide soothing sensations to the skin while following medical guidelines to get better—because having a comforting companion is never a bad thing.  Click HERE to read why this kit may be just what you need right now.  


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