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Your consultation is FREE.   Think about some of the health concerns you're having.  Could you use some sleep support?  Are you having digestive issues or perhaps you're catching every germ your kids are bringing home.  I can help you select some products that can target your top concerns or help you find the information you're looking for so you get the most out of your customer account. 

Resources– If you're ever wondering what support a particular oil can provide, the doTERRA website has a wealth of information.  I also highly recommend the videos they provide on YouTube.  

Co-impact Sourcing-- One of the most amazing things about being a doTERRA customer is the impact it has throughout the world.  I can't say enough about co-impact sourcing and how doTERRA works strategically and impact-fully to create opportunities for people.  Check out this amazing video on Wintergreen Oil and how it is affecting Nepal farmers and harvesters.  Or my favourite how buying Pink Pepper for example ,helps the women in Kenya who have lost their husbands.  You can also check out Source to You for more information about Co-Impact Sourcing. 

Helping Hands Foundation--Did you know that you can help support the Healing Hands Foundation by purchasing amazing products such as Rose Hand Lotion and the Hope Touch Roller bottle (one of my faves).  You can read more about Healing Hands HERE

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