How do you stay well in uncertain times?


Hi, I'm Kim... I'm glad you stopped by...

Hi, I'm Kim... I'm glad you stopped by...

Hi, I'm Kim... I'm glad you stopped by...

These are crazy times friend.  As I update my message to you this May 2020, we are navigating uncharted territory  in terms of managing our emotional and physical wellness.  And if that isn't enough, we've likely  been managing other "life stuff" ahead of these new challenges.  It's hard not to feel overwhelmed with life these days. 

My other "life stuff" was my husband's stroke at 47 four years ago.  To say I was feeling depleted and scattered energetically was an understatement.  My tired was tired and my stress and anxiety were dating.  He's doing pretty well these days but it was a rough go for years.   Nothing I was trying was helping me much.  I felt helpless and exhausted a lot of the time. 

While I had used essential oils in the past,  I never realized how much quality mattered.  I found doTERRA CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade)  oils at a time in my life when I needed emotional support and it was a safe place to fall.  

I started making tiny changes with the oils and I worked on my most obvious need, sleep and rest.    When I got my those under control, I felt that I had more energy to tackle other wellness goals like moving more and doing regular meditation.


Your Health & Wellness Matter

Hi, I'm Kim... I'm glad you stopped by...

Hi, I'm Kim... I'm glad you stopped by...

Imagine for moment that you had solutions at your finger tips for many of your wellness needs, whether they be physical or emotional... How amazing would that be?


Using doTERRA essential oils and products in  conjunction with daily routines can help anchor good habits.  Those good habits can provide a foundation that you can fall back on when you most need support, especially in these uncertain and stressful times. 

I started with a kit which contains the 10 most popular oils and never looked back!  Becoming a doTERRA customer comes with a wealth of education and an amazing community to help you connect with the most resilient version of yourself!

But it's hard to feel resilient when you're not feeling your best.  So think about your top 3 wellness concerns.  Do you need sleep support?  Try Lavender or Serenity, the Calming Blend. 

Is your stress in overdrive?  Yes...there are oils for that!  

Need some help getting some quality nutrients into your body?   Try the Lifelong Vitality Supplement Pack!  It's doTERRA's number one selling product, and for good reason! 

The possibilities are endless and the journey to feeling better is in your hands.  

The question is-- are you ready to take charge of your wellness?  


Feel Your Best, Be Your Best

Hi, I'm Kim... I'm glad you stopped by...

Feel Your Best, Be Your Best

 We already know that wellness doesn't just happen, but we also have new challenges that may be affecting our mental and emotional health.  

But it's important to remember that we do have choices when it comes to our wellness and I would be honored to be your guide.  Change comes from awareness, making small but meaningful shifts with your choices every day.  That and organized self-care are the cornerstones of improved wellness.    And if I can do it, you can do it too!   

I became a doTERRA Wellness Advocate in order to focus on improving my health first. I then helped my friends and family and now I want to help others do the same.  

If you're tired of not feeling your best let's talk!  

I can help.  

Setting up your wholesale customer account is easy.  

You can click the little message button and send me your top 3 wellness concerns and I'll get back to you with some recommendations.  

In wellness,


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